Now That You Have Had a CHEAP Home Inspection

So it comes across my desk more often that I would like, That someone has had a discount home inspection. There are plenty of inspectors out there with license numbers in the 10k range who took an online course and passed the state exam and presto! They are “Home Inspectors” practicing on someones home purchase. Yes, that is what they are doing “practicing” and someone is paying them to do it! Think about that for a minute…….You can compare it to getting your haircut at a Barber College, You can get a haircut at a discounted price because they are still learning and practicing on your hair, and you may get lucky and get a good cut, or you get an bad haircut and say oh well it will grow out in a few weeks. But think about having an inexperienced inspector “practice” on what could be the largest single investment you make! It does not grow back in a couple of weeks!!!

There is usually a reason for Cheap Home Inspections, either they are new to the industry or vastly inexperienced! They likely do not have much invested in their business as well, and either Not Insured or carry the minimum requirements of liability only, They likely do not have the investment of the rather extensive and expensive equipment that a quality inspector has such as high quality Thermal Imaging Cameras, Borescopes, Electrical testers (not the typical three prong lights) Air quality sampling equipment and even down to the software that facilitates writing the reports.

So finally answering the question of “what to do now that you have had a Cheap Home Inspection”? Toss it in the garbage and start over with a quality inspection company and pay the going rate……Because We are WORTH It!!