Hurricane Season is approaching Jun 1 - Nov 30, 2019 make sure you are prepared by joining our Hurricane Shutter Assistance List and review our Hurricane Ready Checklist.

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What is the Hurricane Shutter Assistance List? 

It is a list that the Kenco Property Management team puts together that will insure you have a team ready to assist in putting shutters up and taking down in case the emergency of a hurricane. 

We have found that by time the hurricane gets here it is to late to find someone to put up your shutters or hurricane devices to protect your home. 

Joining our list makes you top priority! 


How do I get on the Kenco Hurricane Shutter List?

First we should mention the list is free to join and that will give you coverage if something shall arise.

You can join our list by contacting Kenco Property Management


How much does it cost?

Each property is priced different, there are many variables to take in account. Things you should have prepared before calling..

- How many windows do you have?

- How many stories in the property?

- What type of shutters do you have?

- Do you have have screw and bolts? 

What happens if I'm missing materials?

Every year putting up and taking down materials like bolts, anchors or screws can get damages. We do offer repairs and carry extra materials and can replace them if needed. We will ask before doing any repairs. A repair service charge for any repairs will be add to the bill if any items or materials are need.

Hurricane preparation is key to help reduce damage.

Kenco will secure your property for a hurricane by putting furniture and objects that may become airborne away and closing all hurricane shutters as soon as a Hurricane Watch is issued.

All clients will receive a post storm inspection as soon as possible after the storm has passed.

In the event your property is damaged by a storm, Kenco has the resources to handle all repairs to restore your property and surrounding areas.

Our Hurricane Command Center is stocked with all the safety equipment, supplies and resources necessary to fulfill our commitment to our customers to give you the peace-of-mind you deserve before, during and after the storm. Our generator is powered up and ready to go and our pantry is full of food and water so our office staff can be here for you and your home. All contractors, staff and technology will be in place to weather the storm.