We have on staff a licensed Radon Technician working in conjunction with RADALINK to provide quick turnaround accurate Radon Testing for your properties.


The Equipment

The RADALINK Aircat is one of the most sophisticated continuous radon monitors on the market! This silent and compact Radon Monitor is easily placed in a home and is packed with great features including tamper resistant features such as alarms, motion detectors and ambient air sensors.

The Process

Radon Testing is a fairly simple process that has a few requirements such as,

All windows and exterior doors must be kept closed except for momentary entry and exit.

Heating and AC systems must remain in normal operation with thermostats set between 67 and 77 degrees.

Items such as Whole-house fans, fireplaces and wood stoves are NOT to be operated.

Typically a minimum test time of 48 Hours is required and closed house conditions must be met prior to the test.



The Results

There are no long waiting times for the results, The data is transmitted to RADALINK and the results are sent via email. RADALINK is available to you to help with understanding the data and providing any additional answers you may have.